We've got you coveredGet insurance for electronic equipment and
computers against sudden physical damage.
      corporate computer and electronics insurance

      What is Computer and Electronics Insurance?

      This policy provides coverage to electronic equipment including computers against sudden and unforeseen physical damage to the equipment in a manner necessitating repair or replacement. The cover is strictly restricted to premises risks only.
      What's in it for you?Electronic equipment constitutes all electrical equipment that consumes low electric current. Cover includes:
      • Damage caused by operation
      • Damage caused by electric energy (short circuit, excess voltage or induction)
      • Damage caused by human element (faulty operation, lack of skill, negligence)
      • Damage caused by the manufacturer (faulty design, defects in material, faults at the workshop, faults in an erection)
      Computer and Electronics Insurance
      How do I apply?Below is our step by step application process:

      Step 1: Request for quotation

      Step 2: Fill proposal form

      Step 3: Premium payment

      Step 4: Provide RDB certificate for the company.

      Step 5: Sign contract

      Computer and Electronics Insurance
        TALK TO USAnything can happen at any minute, make sure you've got cover against electronics.
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          • Loss or damage directly or indirectly caused by or arising out of earthquake, volcanic eruption, tsunami, hurricane, cyclone, or typhoon
          • Loss or damage directly or indirectly caused by theft
          • Loss or damage caused by any faults or defects existing at the time of commencement of insurance
          • Loss or damage directly or indirectly caused by the failure or interruption of any gas, water or electricity service or supply
          • Loss or damage as a direct consequence of the continual influence of operation (e.g. wear and tear, cavitation, erosion, corrosion, incrustation) or of gradual deterioration due to atmospheric conditions
          • Any costs incurred in connection with the maintenance of the insured items,
          • Loss or damage for which the manufacturer or supplier of the insured items is responsible either by law or under contract
          • Loss or damage to rented or hired equipment for which the owner is responsible either by law or under a lease and/or maintenance agreement
          • Consequential loss or liability of any kind or description
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