Cover for
Consequential Loss
Get cover to protect yourself against
financial loss due to fire.
      corporate fire consequential loss

      What is Fire Consequential Loss Insurance?

      Provides protection against financial loss suffered after a loss due to fire while its facility is being rebuilt. Who is this product for? This product is suitable for individuals and corporates.
      What's in it for you?If any building or other property or any part thereof used by the insured at the premises for the purpose of the business be destroyed or damaged by:
      • Damage covered under Fire Insurance Policy
      • Lighting
      • Explosion, in a building in which gas is not generated and which does not form part of any gasworks, of gas used therein for illuminating or domestic purposes.
      • All special perils A – H
      • Earthquake and volcanic eruption
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      How do I apply?Below is our step by step application process:

      Step 1: Request for quotation

      Step 2: Fill proposal form

      Step 3: Premium payment

      Step 4: Provide national ID for individuals and RDB certificate for corporate

      Step 5: Sign contract

      house on fire
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        Want to know more about Fire Consequential Loss?If you want to know more, we've answered a question you might have.
          • War and related risks exclusion
          • Political risks exclusion
          • Terrorism exclusion
          • Excluding bushfire
          • Excluding riots & strike
          • Electronic data recognition exclusion
          • Nuclear or related risks/radioactive contamination
          • The burning of property by order of any public authority,
          • Subterranean fire,
          • Earthquake, volcanic eruption, typhoon, hurricane, tornado, cyclone or other convulsions of nature or atmospheric disturbance
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