Insurance for glassPlate Glass Insurance will cover
accidental breakage of glass.
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      What is Plate Glass Insurance?

      Plate Glass Insurance protects against loss of or damage to fixed plate glass caused by accident or misfortune of an accidental nature. We will cover large panes of glass used in commercial buildings, such as shop windows used for storefront displays. Who is this product for? The cover is suitable for corporates.
      What's in it for you?
      • Covers the breakage of plate glass
      • It covers the cost of accidental breakage of insured glass by any reason, except those that are specifically excluded.
      • It also provides protection for loss or damage to ornamental, embossed, lettered or stained plate or sheet glass
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      How do I apply?Below is our step by step application process:

      Step 1: Request for quotation

      Step 2: Fill proposal form

      Step 3: Premium payment

      Step 4: Provide ID for individual and RDB certificate for the company

      Step 5: Sign contract

      Plate Glass
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        • Some of the cases not covered by the policy are:

          • Cracked, scratched or imperfect glass plate
          • Deductible excess which is stated in the schedule of the insurance policy
          • Damage to plate glass caused by fire, explosions, heat, and gas
          • Damage caused by natural calamities like earthquakes and storms
          • Damage by war, strikes, nuclear explosions, terrorism and riots
          • Breakage caused while repairing, removing or alteration in the landscaping.
          • Loss or damage caused due to careless or negligence in placing the plate glass properly
          • Breakage of the lettering while the main glass remains intact
          • Silver letters, embossed or ornamental glass frames, unless these are specifically mentioned in the policy
          • Damage to any plate glass which is different from the plain and ordinary plate glass of glazing quality
          • Consequential loss of property, legal liability, or personal injury
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